Dofus 2.42

Tactical game featuring wild humor but with a unique style
4.3  (322 votes)
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Ankama Games

If you love challenges and new experiences, then Dofus is the right choice for you! Developed by Ankama Games, Dofus is a flash based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Its concept is mainly that of a tactical game featuring wild humor but with a unique style if we compare it with other MMORPGs. It has been created both for experienced players and for casual players too. What seduces players most is its strategic fighting system which is a rare feature in MMORPGs. While playing Dofus, you can take part in numerous quests, you can master different professions, explore regions of the world between many other activities! In the Dofus world, change is a must and everything is constantly evolving as new elements are regularly added. Enter Amakna now, Dofus is amazing and amusing world! Enjoy 2D pleasant graphics and an extremely easy game’s interface. Relax into the pacing of the game and enjoy a lightly entertaining experience. As the game is played online, you can do it wherever you wish, at home, at school, in your office…the choice is yours. Join Dofus and start making your game a challenging and enjoyable experience.

Review summary


  • Cool tactical MMORPG game
  • New elements regularly added
  • Really fun both for casual and experienced players


  • No visible disadvantages
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